Book Lovers Haven

If you are an avid reader, a sometimes reader or somewhere in between, you will find many kindred souls in St James Plantation. Right next to the Fire Station and the Chapel, you will find our community’s library. The St James Library is filled with non-fiction and fiction books [hard cover and paperbacks]; all published within the last 10 years. There are also audio books, jigsaw puzzles and a children’s section.

The library is maintained by a dedicated group of St James residents/volunteers. All the books and puzzles are donated. The library is free, open to all, and runs on the honor system. There are no limits on the amount of time required before the books are returned. Of course, no late fees either. There are 2 public libraries nearby in Southport and Oak Island that are available for all Brunswick County residents.

There are many book clubs throughout St James primarily in groups of 10-12 that meet monthly in members’ homes to discuss the Book of that Month. Expect lively conversations, good food and drinks and a great opportunity to make long-lasting friends. To start your own book club, it couldn’t be easier. Start small with a handful of friends or neighbors and it’s that easy.