Thriving Art Community

Moving to St James, Southport or Oak Island, North Carolina will find you in the middle of a thriving art community. There are large groups of artists working in every possible medium, embracing long-time artists to beginners.

Artists or art students will find classes, shops and galleries that will be the perfect opportunity to network with other artists. You will discover original works to buy or to sell your own work.

This July, delighting visitors and residents, local artists’ works have been transformed into colorful banners, decorating the streets in Southport’s downtown.

Visit the St James’ Artisans Gallery on Howe Street in Southport. You can enjoy and potentially purchase original items created by very talented artists from St James. Learn more…

Franklin Square Gallery, also in downtown Southport, displays outstanding paintings, sculpture, and prints. See something that you love? You probably can buy it! Learn more….

Ricky Evans Gallery is found on 211 Howe Street in downtown Southport. The owner, Ricky Evans, is also a well-known, gifted artist. You will be able to view and purchase his works and that of many other local artists. Learn more…